I have my own server (it really is just another computer running ubuntu-server), and host my own services. This is a hobby of mine, and is always a work in progress. In the table below you can find the list of services I eventually want to run. If there is a link, then it is running; otherwise it is still on my todolist. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about how I host these services with docker-compose.

Service Usage Link
agola CI/CD server  
ass Static image hoster Scheduling software  
calibre-web Viewing e-books here
code-server VS-code in the browser  
dashy Services homepage here
gitea Git server  
grafana System monitoring  
hrconvert2 Converts various file formats  
immich Selfhosted ‘google photos’  
jellyfin Serve music/video files here
overleaf Latex editor  
pydio-cells Selfhosted ‘google drive’  
regexr Testing regular expressions  
searx Privacy respecting search engine  
send Temporary, secure file sharing  
shlink Link shortener with good API  
siteinspector Find spelling issues and broken links  
sonarqube Code analysis for quality and security  
uptime-kuma Monitoring tool  
vaultwarden Password manager